Monday, October 4, 2010

Welcome to Tampa Bay Grief Solutions

The experience of grief and bereavement is often a very confusing and lonely experience. A loss of any type often shakes one’s confidence and creates a sense of the loss of personal power and control. My goal, and my passion, is to join with the grieving person on their unique journey through the “wilderness of grief”. I do not lead them through the wilderness for if I did it would be my journey, not theirs. I walk beside them to insure they are not alone and to facilitate their successful navigation through their grieving process.

Through research, my own personal experiences of grief and loss, and journeying with many people through their unique wilderness of grief, I have identified various tasks associated with this universal human experience known as grief.Working together, we will strive to:
  1. Recognize that the survivor’s unique feelings of sadness and grief are normal.
  2. Help survivors with defining and understanding how their “world” has changed:
    1. What is life like without my loved one’s presence?
    2. Who am I without my loved one? (personal identity issues)
    3. What are the rules of this new world?
    4. Where do I fit in this new world?
  3. Assist survivors in discovering a new relationship with their loved one (a relationship of memory)
  4. Facilitate the discovery of new plans and goals
  5. Educate survivors on the grief process
  6. Help survivors discover the various elements of their loss (i.e. loss of the physical presence of their loved one, loss of goals/plans, loss of relationships, loss of security, loss of lifestyle, etc.)
Who does Tampa Bay Grief Solutions serve?
Adults struggling with issues of grief and loss associated with:
  1. Death of a loved one
  2. Death of a pet
  3. Miscarriage/Pregnancy termination
  4. Divorce
  5. “Empty Nest” syndrome
  6. Loss of a job
  7. Loss of a home
  8. Relocation
How do I help?
Services are provided in both individual and group sessions
When grief strikes, our world is significantly altered. This can be an extremely confusing time. Many people feel as if they are losing control over their lives and feelings. The goals of the therapy experience are:
  1. Helping the individual understand that what they are feeling is normal and okay.
  2. Create a safe, non-judgmental environment for survivors to work through their grief.
  3. Explore options for enhancing/building survivor’s awareness of self-confidence.
  4. Address issues of personal power and control.
  5. Educate on the grief process.
What is my method of help?
  • Externalize feelings by listening to the survivor verbalize the “story” of their loss
  • Normalize those feelings
  • Identify problems and concerns
  • Explore options
  • Implement choices
How many sessions are usually needed?
Normal grief issues can usually be addressed in 4 – 6 individual sessions. Complicated grief (i.e. grief in the presence of additional life stressors) may require additional individual sessions.

Group sessions are “closed” groups (meaning no new members are added once the group starts) and consist of 6 sessions. Groups meet in person, usually in the evenings for 1 ½ hours each session. Location to be determined.

How is Tampa Bay Grief Solutions different?
I provide services from a perspective of grief being a normal part of the human condition verses being an abnormality that needs to be “fixed”.

I make House Calls! People tend to feel safer in their own environment than they do when they enter the professional environment, for example, a doctor’s office. Therefore, I offer to meet with survivors in their own homes or wherever they feel most comfortable at no additional cost.